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Learn about the man delivering the artwork for Masonic Documents.
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About John Haskin

Hello, my name is John Haskin. I own and run Masonicdocs.com. This is something I started in 2000. It took me several years working in my spare time to create the art for the certificates I sell on the website. My career has been working as a illustrator for the advertising industry and individual freelance customers. It is a business that I have always loved.

When business would get slow, I would start working on ideas for Masonic art. The Freemason Fraternity was in need of some good art. My Masonic art was well received by my fraternal brothers. That spawned the idea to design a certificate that all masons would want. I started with the Master Mason certificate featuring our symbolic Square & Compass. What makes my version of the S&C different is the many details that only a brother Mason would know.

I have developed four certificates that have sold all over the world. I have designed many certificates for special Masonic events. I intend on offering new certificates representing all things Masonic. I am always open for new ideas that may need a certificate. If there is something you would like see, please write to me at masonicdocs@outlook.com. I answer every email.